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"Hanging By A Thread"

Release Date: January 2007

Music Style: Modern Pop/Rock

Price: $11.97

A search for spiritual truth.  Questions about faith.  An attempt to understand and relate to the Living God.  This driving and aggressive CD takes a hard and honest look inside the heart and living faith of the artist.  Jeff holds nothing back lyrically or musically.  From the hard rock, guitar-driven “Start Over Again” to the contemplative piano ballad “Masks”, Hanging By A Thread  is an artistic experience through the darker side of faith; the side that becomes the struggle, the crisis, the pivotal point that defines our beliefs.  The combination of  honest and emotionally charged lyrics with a definitive musical edge makes this musical work well worth the journey.

"Coming Home"

Release Date: June 2002

Music Style: Instrumental Pop/Jazz/Orchestral

Price: $9.97

This 15 track piano-based instrumental CD is wonderfully crafted and arranged to inspire, relax and refresh you.  Infectious melodies and colorful orchestrations mark this collection of songs written and performed around the country over the past 15 years.  This is Jeff’s first instrumental CD, but with the expressiveness and passion that comes through this musical genre there are sure to be more.


Release Date: May 2001

Music Style: Pop Rock

Price: $5.00

This 5 song EP is Jeff’s first independent release.  Although originally scheduled to be a full length CD released in the mid-nineties, due to complications and damage to the original tracks, the CD was not released until December 2001 in the shortened version it is now.  Delayed thought it was, the songs you’ll find on this disk are carefully crafted with lyrical clarity and musical drive.  Well written and played, these songs will bring a smile to your soul.