Our arrangers are experts in crafting songs in all styles and genres. They can take just a melody and turn it into a complete song. They are experts in MIDI sequencing and programming, creating tracks that breathe and move with you as an artist.

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Our experienced music professionals can help you in whatever place you are in your musical career. We can help you put together a business plan, marketing plan or press kits. We can help you with goals and objectives for your career and how to attain them. We offer an array of advice on equipment for live performance, crafting an effective show, performance techniques, booking yourself, and so much more.

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Our staff of experienced and creative producers can help you achieve the artistic results and goals you are looking for. From creating a budget for your project and scheduling studio time, to hiring studio musicians, arrangers and engineers, the Producer’s job is to take care of all of the details that go into a successful recording project. The Producer will also work with you in the studio to help you get the best performance for your recording.

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GFI Studio A
MRMG has an analog/digital recording workstation where pre-production work and initial tracking is done.  MRMG has also contracted with GFI Recording Studios to offer a full line of recording options.  GFI is a complete analog and digital studio offering 24 track 2 inch decks as well as 24 track digital ADAT decks.

GFI utilizes a vintage analog MCI/Sony JH 636 console in Studio A while Studio B is totally digital and equipped with the Mackie D8b hard disk recording system.  The experience and equipment that is offered by GFI makes a great partnership with MRMG.

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MRMG Production Studios

MRMG can transcribe your music into a lead sheet for copyright registration or full rhythm charts for band members to play to. Utilizing Coda’s Finale Music Publishing Software, the industry’s leading music notation software, you can be sure that your music will have a professional, finished look.

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Lead Sheet Sample

Rehearsal Score Sample


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