What Is MRMG?

MRMG is a music company dedicated to creating art that awakens the soul. Art impacts us in so many ways. Art influences us, reflects our feelings and puts us in touch with the deepest parts of our hearts. Art is communication. Great art transcends time, space, ethnic backgrounds and social status. It touches the core of who we are as human beings.

As an artist myself, I want to create art that moves my audience; art that awakens the soul of the listener. I want my art to communicate real truth and real emotion to those who experience it. I wish for my artistic endeavors to count for something, not just exist for art’s sake. Like my life, I desire for my art to have purpose and value. This is really the heart of MRMG. As the President of MRMG, I want to develop a team of artists with the same passion, to be part of something bigger than ourselves; to have our art communicate on a new level, a deeper level.

Besides performing, I love recording and producing. Getting that ‘magical’ moment on tape can be difficult. It is so cool to be a part of a project where I can help an artist achieve things they never thought possible; to be more than they are; to tap into artistic reservoirs that they had no idea they had. When I help an artist learn to really communicate their art, that’s when the magic happens.
MRMG offers services to artists and church leaders in the areas of producing, studio recording, arranging, consulting and artist development, to name a few, to achieve a higher level of excellence in artistic expression.

Art that has purpose and value. Art that truly communicates.

Art that awakens the soul.

What Can MRMG do for You?

Musical Services:

Consulting Services for Church Leaders:

  • Producing
  • Arranging/Tracking
  • Recording
  • Consulting/Artist Development
  • Publishing
  • MIDI Tracks

More Info...

  • Producing Small, Medium & Large scale events
  • Professional Recordings (CDs)
  • Leading & Growing an Arts Ministry
  • Organizational Structure
  • Sound, Lighting and Stage Design
  • MIDI
  • Digital Video Editing

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