MRMG Governing Values

1. Integrity: We deal with clients equally. We are above reproach in all areas of business and personal life. What a person truly believes in their heart is reflected in their personal and business dealings.

2. Honesty: We honor our word and commitments, even if it does not benefit us financially. What we say, we will do.

3. Artistic Excellence: Art is created and developed to a high standard of excellence that honors God, MRMG, and the creators of the art. We commit to push ourselves artistically, to continue to learn and grow as artists, and to expect nothing less than our best efforts.

4. Teamwork: Great success is forged by a great team. We will work to create an environment in which everyone’s skill sets are utilized. By working to help one another succeed, we all benefit and succeed together.

5. Innovation: We will always strive to remain creatively fresh. New ideas and approaches are valued.

6. Change: Change brings growth. We will work to anticipate and adapt to the changing needs of the marketplace.

7. Respect: All those who work with us, whether employee or outside contractor, is respected and valued. Our success depends on the creativity, ingenuity and resourcefulness of those we work with.

8. Personal Development: We will work to develop ourselves in our craft, in our souls, and in our personal and professional life.

9. Financial Success: We will work to the financial success of the company. Hard work and dedication to excellence will be rewarded.

10. Social Responsibility: We will strive to give back to the community in which we work in various ways, be they financial, personal development of others, or active involvement in the community.

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