Company History

I established Modern Reflections Music Group (MRMG) in 1992 in the Chicago area with the purpose of producing “art that awakens the soul.” Since its inception, MRMG has served the needs of publishers, individual artists and recording studios in Chicago, Nashville and Western New York. Projects have included soundtracks for live performances from individual songs to fully orchestrated musicals; commercial jingles from local businesses to Burger KingTM; song demos for writers and publishers; co-writing for independent artist Kris Mapstone including the theme song for an international youth conference sponsored by the Christian Missionary Alliance; and producing, arranging and co-writing for the independent release of “Destiny” by Tamara Marcella on Kingdom Records. Over the years, I have held leadership positions in many different business and volunteer organizations all of which has contributed to a better understanding and ability to help others achieve their goals and objectives. My musical experience which includes writing, arranging, orchestrating, recording, engineering, producing and performing in a wide range of musical styles over the past 23 years has enabled me to service the needs of my clients with excellence and help them achieve their musical goals.

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