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Jeff Orr, Founding Executive Director of Innové Ministries, has been involved in ministry for over 27 years in various parts of the United States. In the Fall of 1997, Jeff took a position as Music Pastor with Walnut Hill Community Church in Pittsford, NY. In the Fall of 2003 he also took on the role as Interim Sr. Pastor of the church. During his time there, Jeff led worship and taught for the regular Sunday morning service to a mixed audience of believers and spiritual seekers on a variety of topics bringing God's Word and truth into everyday living. Jeff uses different teaching styles and art forms to engage his audiences for memorable and interactive messages.

Jeff believes that worship permeates every part of our lives and is so much more than just singing songs on a Sunday morning. As a communicator and teacher, Jeff leads audiences in a worship experience that engages the heart, soul and mind to connect with Christ in ways that go beyond Sunday morning.

Jeff works closely with the teaching pastor to ensure that the songs chosen for the set align with the theme of the morning and what the pastor wants the congregation to walk away with.


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“Jeff has filled in a couple of times for me while I was on vacation.  Our people loved having him and have requested that he fill in when I am gone.  It is a great blessing to me to have someone with Jeff's passion for Jesus and the skills to creatively communicate His Word
available to our church.” 

Brian Rathbun, Pastor
CrossBridge Community Church, Penfield, NY

Jeff talks about how he works with pastors to create a worship experience that connects people to Christ.